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Drug Crimes

What is a Drug Crime?

A drug crime is a crime involving the possession, distribution, or manufacture of drugs that are considered to have a potential for abuse. Controlled substances are drugs that are regulated by the local, state, or federal government. In this case, manufacturing, distributing, or controlling drugs can be considered illegal. However, this will depend on many different factors

Some of the crimes involving Drugs include Drug Possession, Drug Distribution or Possession with Intent to Distribute, or Drug Trafficking.

At Saluda Law, the firm helps individuals charged with drug-related crimes. Attorney Judah VanSyckel assists those who are charged with drug-related crimes.

What is Unwitting Possession?

Unwitting possession, or lack of intent, is when a person has illegal drugs without their knowledge. For example, a mail carrier might be delivering a package to a specified location. Here, the mail carrier could be transporting drugs in that package. However, they are not necessarily considered guilty of possessing the drug if they didn’t know, or reasonably should have known, that the parcel contained illegal drugs.

How about the Illegal Search and Seizure Defense?

Under the American Constitution, police are forbidden from searching homes and automobiles without warrants or probable cause. Therefore, courts can suppress evidence that was obtained illegally by the police.

What If You Have Medical Marijuana Prescription?

Before you consider this defense, you should ensure that your state legalizes marijuana. As of now, only some states, allow citizens to possess medical marijuana. If the defendant is taken to court in a state that doesn’t recognize medical marijuana, it won’t qualify as a defense. South Carolina has not legalized marijuana.

You must ensure that you are in a state that legalizes marijuana for medical reasons. Even if you are in a state that accepts medical marijuana, there are some restrictions to it.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Getting charged with a drug offense is a complicated process. You can get arrested and wrongly convicted if you do not understand your rights.

In this case, it is essential to work with a qualified lawyer to help you in the entire scenario. The lawyer will not only work to help you with the charges but also help you understand your rights. In some cases, the lawyer may advise that you take a case to a jury trial. In other cases, the lawyer may advise that you plead guilty or enter into a diversion program if one is available. All cases are dependent on the facts.

A licensed attorney can help you with drug-related crimes. An attorney will help you know what to do when you are charged.

If you are or you know someone that is involved in any drug crime, reach out to Saluda Law, LLC today.