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Larceny in Lexington: Understanding larceny charges in Lexington, South Carolina

What is Larceny?

In South Carolina, Larceny is a type of theft. Larceny is defined by two factors: an owner losing property, and that property being taken with felonious intent. Felonious intent refers to taking something with the intention to use it for personal gain against the owner’s will.

Consider this example of larceny. Someone breaks into your home and steals your television. They take that television into their residence, and use it for their movie marathons. You have both lost property because someone has taken it, and it was taken with felonious intent.

Larceny is divided into categories based on the severity of the theft.

Types of Larceny: Petit Larceny vs. Grand Larceny

There are two types of larceny: petit larceny and grand larceny. Larceny is categorized by the value of the items stolen. Sentencing for a larceny conviction varies in proportion to these categories.

Petit larceny charges occur when the stolen items are valued at $2000 or less. Petit larceny is a misdemeanor, and is triable in the magistrates or municipal court. Individuals convicted of petit larceny may face up to $1000 in fines, or the court may imprison them for as many as 30 days. Sometimes, a petit larceny is punished as a felony, if the person who took the items has two prior property offenses. In those cases, the State uses an Enhancement provision in the law to upgrade both the severity of the charges and the possible sentence.

Grand larceny charges occur when the stolen items are valued over $2000. Grand larceny is a felony. In these cases, courts may also fine or imprison individuals convicted of grand larceny. The terms are at the court’s discretion, and depend on the value of the items stolen. Property valued below $10000 will receive no more than five years of prison, unless the State is able to “enhance” a property conviction. If the stolen property is worth more than $10000, the court may sentence a grand larcenist for up to ten years imprisonment.

What does it mean to be charged with larceny?

If someone is charged with larceny, it means they are accused of stealing someone’s property and using it for their own gain. Larceny charges carry consequences that range from small fines to years in prison, depending on the value of the stolen property. A larceny conviction could be a misdemeanor or a felony.

These outcomes can be scary if you’re facing larceny charges. However, with the right defense, you have options.

Who should I call if I’ve been charged with Larceny?

If you’ve been charged with petit or grand larceny, you’ll need a lawyer as soon as possible. Contact a criminal defense attorney who can help you make the right decisions on your case. Choose someone with larceny defense experience.

If you’re looking for a larceny lawyer in Lexington or South Carolina, choose someone who knows the court system in South Carolina. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you face these charges.

Judah VanSyckel is a Lexington lawyer with experience defending larceny charges. Contact Saluda Law to set up a free consultation.