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White Collar and Corruption

Representation for those accused of White Collar and Corruption Offenses

Saluda Law, LLC represents those who are being investigated for and have been charged with committing White Collar and Corruption Offenses. Call today to see how a white collar defense lawyer can help you.

In South Carolina, white collar crimes on the Federal level include mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, healthcare fraud and unlicensed money transfer business charges. On the State level, they include charges like Forgery, Breach of Trust, Tax Fraud, Medicaid Provider Fraud, and Obtaining Goods under False Pretenses. Corruption charges on the South Carolina level include Bribery.

Mr. VanSyckel previously worked in the South Carolina Attorney General’s office as an Assistant Attorney General. For most of his time, he worked in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit where he investigated and prosecuted fraud committed by healthcare providers. As part of that position, Mr. VanSyckel worked in cooperation with the local U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Columbia office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the local office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, and the local office of the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. VanSyckel has represented multiple defendants who have been charged by the South Carolina State Grand Jury. Additionally, he has experience representing those who testify before the South Carolina State Grand Jury. Mr. VanSyckel has experience in both State and Federal Court.

The firm has experience representing white collar defendants. If you need a South Carolina white collar attorney and are looking for help, Saluda Law, LLC is ready to talk with you.