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Whistleblower Representation

Reporting those who are doing wrong.

Saluda Law, LLC represents whistleblowers. If you are ready to bring a claim to the attention of the government, give the firm a call today. Call the firm if you need a South Carolina Whistleblower Lawyer.

If you have a Federal False Claims Act (Qui Tam) case, we have experience in filing these lawsuits. If you have experienced harassment or retribution for reporting this kind of fraud, give us a call today. We can help you report a false claim or a fraudulent claim to the United States government. This can include Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and government contracting fraud.

If you know of a bank or a financial institution being defrauded, you can talk to us about representation. The firm has handled Declarations to the United States made under the Financial Institution Recovery and Reinvestment Act (FIRREA) and the Financial Institution Anti-Fraud Enforcement Act (FIAFEA).

The firm also handles Internal Revenue Service whistleblower cases. The firm has assisted individuals in making reports to and filing claims with the IRS regarding tax fraud.