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Get Help for a common drug offense in South Carolina.

Every State has its own approach to marijuana laws. In addition to what each State does, the Federal Government has its own laws regulating marijuana as well.

Some States have legalized marijuana, some have allowed Medical Marijuana, and some have continued to prohibit marijuana altogether.

South Carolina still generally prohibits the use of marijuana in all forms. Recently, the legislature has made some changes to allow certain CBD products and some industrial hemp production.

Does South Carolina allow Medical Marijuana?

Currently, South Carolina does not allow the use of Medical Marijuana. Although there has been a push in the legislature to legalize Medical Marijuana, those laws have not yet passed.

How will Federal Law affect State Laws?

Generally, when it comes to a conflict between Federal and State laws, Federal laws prevail. Congress bans personal marijuana use. States and the Citizens of each State need to be aware of the ban.

The Federal ban and regulation of marijuana affects more than just federal prosecution for marijuana possession and marijuana distribution and marijuana trafficking. Also, medical marijuana laws may not help if marijuana possession causes:

  • Property eviction
  • Job termination
  • Any other civil law issue.

What Should You Do If You Are Caught with Marijuana?

The only sure thing to do is to contact a reputable drug crime defense attorney in your jurisdiction to represent you accordingly.

At Saluda Law, Attorney Judah VanSyckel deals with marijuana prosecutions that come with a range of small to severe consequences. The firm can work to defend your case, and help you find a resolution to your charges.  While no resolution is guaranteed, sometimes alternative programs and pleas like Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) and Conditional Discharges are your best option when they are available. Other times, a Jury Trial may be your best option too.

Call the firm today if you are charged with a marijuana offense!