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False Claims Act and Qui Tam Cases

Blow the whistle on Fraud against the Federal Government

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to worry about their tax dollars being stolen by unscrupulous fraudsters. But many white collar criminals look at government money as an opportunity for them to make false claims for payment or commit government contract fraud. Fortunately, the United States False Claims Act, a form of a qui tam action, exists to protect taxpayers and hold fraudsters accountable. The False Claims Act allows individuals to sue bad actors on behalf of the government. In exchange for whistleblowers doing the right thing and turning over the people and corporations who are stealing money, the government allows the whistleblowers an opportunity to recover a portion of the money.

False Claims Act cases are only possible when Federal money is taken that shouldn’t be. Often times, these cases involve Medicaid fraud, Medicare Fraud, Tricare Fraud, Defense Department Fraud, military logistics fraud, or some other kind of fraud. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s also an opportunity to report Payroll Protection Program fraud, otherwise known as PPP fraud, and other CARES Act fraud. These qui tam actions involve more than just filing a report. Trying to pursue an action under the False Claims Act requires actually filing a lawsuit in Federal District Court. When you are ready to bring a False Claims Act lawsuit, find a lawyer who is experienced in filings these kinds of qui tam cases. If you need to bring a False Claims Act case in South Carolina, look for a lawyer who is ready to bring an action in the District of South Carolina Federal District Court.

Attorney Judah VanSyckel of Saluda Law, LLC has experience in handling whistleblower actions. When he prosecuted healthcare fraud for the State of South Carolina, he worked with the Federal Government and its agencies in investigating fraud and holding individuals and corporations responsible. That experience shaped his understanding of how to litigate these kinds of cases.

If you are looking to blow the whistle on fraud against the Federal government, call Saluda Law, LLC today. Let’s see if you can assist the government in stopping false payment claims and get rewarded for doing so.