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Mail Fraud

Mail fraud generally involves mail being used as part of the commission of a fraud, and the mail system crosses state lines and involves interstate commerce, so these are federal cases. In fact, often fraud cases are investigated as mail or wire fraud, so that they can be prosecuted federally.

The federal court system is very different from your local or state court system. For someone that is facing mail fraud charges, they need a lawyer with experience in fraud and in defending clients in the Federal Court system. Judah VanSyckel is a mail fraud defense attorney in South Carolina. He has experience representing clients in the federal court system. He also used to prosecute fraud.

Mail Fraud

If you use the mail for any purpose of a fraudulent scheme, you are committing mail fraud.

Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is also similar to mail fraud, but it uses technological devices. Some devices used in wire fraud can include:

  • Email
  • Internet
  • Smartphones
  • Other texting devices
  • Faxes

Many mail and wire fraud schemes are used to try to defraud others of their money or property. However, there must be evidence that this scheme was in place. Punishments to these types of crimes vary.. If you are facing any type of mail fraud charges, you should reach out to our offices immediately. We need to begin working on your defense as soon as possible.

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